Familia Restaurant Location


Mykonos is the travel destination embodying the most popular triptych of a Greek summer in the most obvious way; sun, sea, and nightlife. If you approach Mykonos island after dark you may be disoriented, as the lights spreading everywhere make it seem like a port on the mainland. This impression is even stronger if you happen upon one of the floating cities, the modern 800-2,500 person cruise ships, which often transport the wealthier tourist to Mykonos. The Hora of Mykonos has been a favorite destination worldwide since the 50's.

In the beautiful and picturesque Goumenio Square in Mykonos, just above the Matogiannia area, is a place with several art galleries and restaurants, composing a unique landscape. The restaurant Familia distinguishes in the square Goumenio by it's pink bougainvillea which covers the whole restaurant.

Familia restaurant will be gladsome to welcome you again in its friendly yard next March!